Photograph – Endangered Sightings – One to Infinity

Numbers “Equations. Clock faces. Cash registers. Numbers are everywhere: this week, share a photo that puts them front and center.” The Photo Challenge at WordPress

On the drive to Fortescue, New Jersey, and the Delaware Bay last weekend, we saw a Bald Eagle having a meal in a cornfield. Bald Eagles are thriving in our state and 40% of them live in the lower counties. Years ago, the only eagles I encountered were in the Philadelphia Zoo or on the wildlife television channels. What thrill it is now to see them flying high, or to zoom in with my camera as an eagle brings down prey in a field.


Horseshoe crabs are also considered an endangered species, but since they have been protected, they are impossible to count. The infinite number of eggs they lay on the local bay beaches keeps the crab population growing, and provides food for shorebirds, many of them also endangered.

IMG_1482 (2)

Horseshoe crabs often upend in the waves. Unless they manage to turn themselves over, and many of them don’t, they will perish in the hot sun.


While my husband fished, I turned over dozens that lay with their undersides exposed. It’s amazing how fast these creatures can move when they are heading back to the cooling water of the bay.

IMG_1483 (3)

22 thoughts on “Photograph – Endangered Sightings – One to Infinity

    1. Since they are protected they have really thrived. My husbands grandfather used to travel from Lansdale to Fortescue to fish. I don’t think it has probably changed all that much in all the years. It is quaint and sweet, and still a great place to stand on the beach and fish. Thanks for stopping by Tessa.

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      1. I think about the house in Fortescue a lot lately. I think about gathering my courage and trying a drive there and to see if their house is still there. I remember it was a corner not too far from the beach.

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        1. The last big storm took some of the houses down, but only on one end. Tessa, if you live nearby, I think you said once you live close…perhaps in July or August, we could meet up and go together.


          1. I don’t know what is nearby. I was trying to look on the phone and pick my 84 year old dad’s mind, but not sure. I was a child. Probably need my kids to help with a map or maybe check on the pc and not the phone. Perhaps we could meet up and go together. Thanks for the offer.

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            1. I am in Glassboro, it’s about fifty minutes, and easy to follow the road signs. Keep in touch here through June…it’s a busy month for me, family visiting, etc…July might work. 😀


  1. Did your husband catch any fish ? And did you have fish for dinner that day ?
    Love your take on life, Kathy.
    PS : I have lost a gold cross embedded with black sapphire stones and along with it a small gold pendant( which is a sign of my marriage) – I cannot imagine where I managed to misplace it. I look for them everywhere.

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    1. No, we didn’t have luck. The fish we do catch are usually so small we throw them back. We are still waiting for the BIG one. It doesn’t matter to us…just being near the water, hearing the sea birds, smelling and feeling the salt in the air…it feels like heaven on earth.

      I hope you find your cross…I will pray you find it Susie. I’ve recently lost a library book that is going to cost 37.00 if I don’t find it. I have no idea, just like you…I have even looked in the car. Look in the pocket of clothing…you would be surprised how much I’ve found in pockets. I once found an old cell phone I lost for six months in the pocket of a winter coat. Kathy

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      1. Thank you for your positivity, Kathy. Deep down something tells me that I will find it- like in the parable of the lost coin. But I can’t imagine where I can find it – it was just about an inch long. I need it and the other little pendant which like the wedding ring is a symbol of our marriage( blessed during the ceremony).
        Thank you for your prayers. I will pray about your library book too.
        Praise God that I have a long distance friend with who I can share small troubles of my life. Thank you for being my friend, Kathy.

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