Plants – Fragrant Roses Yes! – Trumpet Vine NO!


I planted several roses in April of this year. I replaced the cottage garden annuals that grew in the long border with a half dozen rose bushes in hopes that the labor intensive area would become easier to maintain. I chose varieties that promised fragrance, and I haven’t been disappointed. Heirloom, Fragrant Cloud and Singing the Blues are definitely roses with a beautiful scent. (These roses are available from local retail stores and through Star Roses)

Singing the Blues
Singing the Blues

I enjoy cutting ready to burst buds from the bushes to enjoy indoors. Adding a few sprigs of foliage is a perfect foil for the beauty of the bloom.

Fragrant Cloud
Fragrant Cloud

I use ivy and variegated vinca vine growing along the borders of my yard. These plants work well with flowers in arrangements. I also have an abundance of sprouts growing from our original trumpet vine. The trumpet vine sends out long-reaching roots, the roots send up dozens, if not hundreds, of sprouts, each one capable of growing into another gigantic trumpet vine. I use them in floral arrangements, but they are not long lasting, and wilt quickly. The smaller leaves of the trumpet vine press well and look pretty in my greeting card designs, but would I ever plant a trumpet vine again? Absolutely NOT!

3 thoughts on “Plants – Fragrant Roses Yes! – Trumpet Vine NO!

    1. I love to bring at least something in every week for the table. There’s just something wonderful to starting the day with flowers on the table. I am especially good at cutting if I know heavy rain is coming. In that case, the flowers will be beaten down and marred, so I cut away!

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