Project – Flowery Potpourri

I’ve posted in the past on how I use the heat at hand in a closed car for drying herbs. A few days ago, hoping to save the scent and color of a few of my rose petals, I dried them in my car.

IMG_1491 (2)

A metal cookie sheet works best for me. I spread an even layer of my flower petals, or herbs if that is your choice, and leave them in the closed car. Within a few hours I have dried plant material to use for projects or in my cooking.

Blue Lagoon rose and pansy with a quarter for scale.
Blue Lagoon rose and pansy with a quarter for scale.

The flowers shrink down to about half their original size, and retain their vivid colors.

IMG_1495 (2)

I can add a few drops of rose essential oil, or another flowery scent, to enhance their natural fragrance. Give this a try…I promise you it’s amazing!

13 thoughts on “Project – Flowery Potpourri

        1. I’ll have to gather some petals as soon as the roses are blooming again, right now they are in the budding stage again, probably in about a week I’ll have more roses…then I will update. Have a blessed Sunday Susie.

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