Plant & Pressed Flower – Browallia

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“Browallia earns its nicknames of amethyst flower and sapphire flower for the richness of its small blue flowers, which pop out like jewels against the bright green of its foliage. A tidy mounding plant, it’s great in containers or planted as edging in a neat row at the front of the border.” ~ Better Homes and Gardens

I planted a beautiful browallia plant in a rustic pot this year. It’s thriving in a spot that receives strong morning sunlight. I love the beautiful amethyst shade of its petals.

I’ve also experimented with pressing browallia flowers and have found the best way to process them is to use the standard method of pressing in an older book. Place the flowers between the pages, weight the book down, let it sit for about a week, then remove the flowers and store between acid free paper. When I attempted to flash-dry the petals in the microwave, which works perfectly for the Johnny-Jump-Up Violas in the photograph with them, the flowers lost all their color and dried to an unusable tan shade.

8 thoughts on “Plant & Pressed Flower – Browallia

  1. i2zhorn

    I love the stuff you post. Its great seeing what’s down the street in all its beauty. You do and an excellent job of showing the world. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Kathy,
    Love the beautiful blue hues of this flower. This one grows in the tropics too but I never knew its name before today. Doesn’t this flower look a bit like morning glory and perhaps even like clematis ( am I mistaken here ?) Have you ever grown larkspur ? When I was little, I read a Nancy Drew book which referred to larkspurs- wonder why , but your post reminded me of larkspur.

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    1. I do grow larkspur. It is just about to bloom now, and I hope it will give me flowers for a few weeks. It is not heat tolerant, and as soon as we have a week or two of sustained hot weather it will die back. Browallia does look like a morning glory, but the compact foliage makes it perfect for a pot. I love the color too, and was thrilled it kept its purple hue even when pressed.

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  3. Mary Bigger

    Last week I found a reproduction of an early Sears catalogue. It is going to be a fun addition to my paper stash and at 50 cents, far cheaper than any other text type by the sheet paper. I love your flowers over text,

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    1. That’s a GREAT find Mary. I love old paper and images. I have a postcard collection and I love the ones with messages…to read the sentiments of someone who lived 100 years in the past is sweet. Pressed flowers and old paper or classic stories just seems to go together. Thanks for stopping by today. 🙂


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