Pain – Sigh…and try, try again.

IMG_2067 (2)

I had no idea when I said I’d update that I’d  be posting so soon on the state of my avocado tree. I’m back to first steps again. A dastardly chipmunk decided to bite off the sprouts and unearth the pit. Again, I was inclined to toss out the whole project, but I am going to try again. Perhaps I will have three or four sprouts this time. I’m hoping the avocado pit still has a little life in it.


I added more soil, and while I was at it, I also potted up the top of a pineapple and some ginger bulbs. My grandsons helped me with this part of the project and enjoyed talking about the prospect of the fruit and bulb re-growing.



4 thoughts on “Pain – Sigh…and try, try again.

    1. Hi Carl, great idea, not just for my avocado, but the other things I have planted in pots. Something about the smooth surface of a pot of soil is an irresistible temptation for a squirrel/chipmunk to dig. I appreciate the good idea.


      1. Lived in Miami 60 years and the av trees, mango and all citrus a back yard harvest. Two other organic hints. Get a spray bottle, water and 5 cigarette butts. Leave a day or two until turns color of tea. Spray. This will kill some fungus and all bugs esp those leaf miners. Does not hurt plant and non toxic for fruit or soil but don’t spray on fruit just leaves. I used disposable waxed paint bucket 1/2 full of water. The beetles will be attracted, fall in and when die bury as fertilizer. These remedies organic. I have no suggestions if a vegan gorilla invades your garden, however.

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        1. These are really great ideas…the cigarettes night also keep the groundhog at bay. Another BIGGER problem I have been having. I like having a natural yard…appreciate the organic hints.


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