Pain – Sigh…and try, try again.

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I had no idea when I said I’d update that I’d  be posting so soon on the state of my avocado tree. I’m back to first steps again. A dastardly chipmunk decided to bite off the sprouts and unearth the pit. Again, I was inclined to toss out the whole project, but I am going to try again. Perhaps I will have three or four sprouts this time. I’m hoping the avocado pit still has a little life in it.


I added more soil, and while I was at it, I also potted up the top of a pineapple and some ginger bulbs. My grandsons helped me with this part of the project and enjoyed talking about the prospect of the fruit and bulb re-growing.



Plantings – The Crash and Burn of my Avocado Pit Project

blog and paint 001

I promised to write when a project crashes and burns…for me that project/plant has been the avocado tree I grew from a pit. The photograph below shows the state of my avocado tree today. It seemed to flourish for a few months. I pruned and pinched it at the required stages, gave it a summer vacation on my porch, and brought it inside again in the Fall of the year. Through the late Autumn months and early winter the tree seemed to lag. I cut it back very hard, hoping to prompt better branching and leafing out. I think that idea was a mistake. The tree has become an eyesore and is taking up valuable sunny space I’d rather give to a plant that provides lush greenery all year.

blog and paint 002

I am beginning to wonder if anyone who grows an avocado gets beyond the sprouting and early growth stage. The Internet is flooded with pictures, blog posts and advice about starting the pit, but I can’t recall finding many pictures or posts on the tree when it matures. Hmmm….perhaps today I’ll go on a hunt to find the answers. For now, I’ve decided this particular tree belongs in the compost heap.

A few weeks ago I threw an avocado pit into the worm bin. Hmmm….I had cantaloupe seeds sprout in the bin. Perhaps the heat from the worms’ super-composting abilities will perform wonders, and I’ll finally grow a gorgeous avocado tree this Spring. I like the old saying, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” There is often good wisdom in well-known cliché’s.