Place – The Lure of the Shortcut


On the way home from fishing this past weekend, we had plenty of time left in the afternoon, and nowhere we had to be, so we turned down a road that looked interesting and had the possibility of being a shortcut. We quickly realized a shortcut was not going to happen, but we came upon some really interesting sights as we headed back to main roads.


Coastal New Jersey is home to many sand pits. This is an abandoned section of one of those. Picturesque in one way, eerie in another…a good setting for a Stephen King novel.


8 thoughts on “Place – The Lure of the Shortcut

  1. What a beautiful post and pictures too, Kathy. Reminded me of something out of Nancy Drew. Usually the book starts with Nancy and friends driving home from somewhere; a storm on the way, a detour, and new places and new adventures. I can see you had one that day.
    I loved seeing the old abandoned railway carriage. How old do you think it would be ?
    You are right, it looked eerie- you are left wondering, who might have used those and why they were abandoned.
    Thanks for sharing !

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    1. I like the Nancy Drew idea. I hesitated posting one photo. It is so beautiful in color and all the glorious rustiness of the old buildings it would be a perfect reference for painting. Yes, it does look eerie…and it’s funny…if you blow the photo up it has the word ERIE on it…the name of a railroad line. My husband thinks the sand pit is still in operation, just not this area. He looked it up on Google maps and took an aerial view, but we still don’t know what the name of the plant is or was.

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      1. Oh, do you know of the Blue holes around NJ too- I read there were a few deaths there. That’s scary too.
        And Erie – is that related to Ireland ?
        Seems like the sand was mined to use in glass making around the area ??


        1. There are towns called Erie all over the US. I’m not sure if it is related to Ireland, but that would be a good guess. Yes, the sand around here was used to make glass. I’m sure it still is. It is also shipped all over to places that need sand.

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