Plant – Monarda punctata/Spotted Bee Balm


“Monarda punctata is a herbaceous plant in the mint family, Lamiaceae, that is native to eastern Canada, the eastern United States and northeastern Mexico. Common names include spotted beebalm and horsemint. It is a thyme-scented plant with heads of purple-spotted tubular yellow flowers above rosettes of large white- or pink-tipped bracts. The plant contains thymol, an antiseptic and fungicide. It was historically used to treat upset stomachs, colds, diarrhea, neuralgia and kidney disease.” ~ Wikipedia

I’ve seen this plant in the wild and found it this year at a local nursery. It is certainly nicknamed correctly…bees love it!


I’ve also seen hummingbirds hovering over the plant.

6 thoughts on “Plant – Monarda punctata/Spotted Bee Balm

    1. I’m not sure…I’ve never used it as an herb, just an ornamental. I have seen a few other people in the area with the same redness around their eyes…the lady at the checkout yesterday said it was an allergy and she gets it every year.


    1. Hi, thanks…I was happy to find this beautiful plant this year. Wish me luck. It is growing in a pot now, that leaves it little chance at surviving the winter here…I’m going to move it soon to my herb garden. Hopefully, it will send out some new roots and return next year. I think I will also take a cutting and try to root it too, just in case. 🙂

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