Pleasures – Fresh Air

The weather is quite cool now in the evening, windows are shut, the air in the house becomes musty and stale. I love organic/natural solutions for cleaning and adding a touch of scent to the air. This mixture is soft and lovely, and leads me to experiment with other combinations of herbs, pods and citrus skins.

Fill an aromatherapy pot, a small crock pot, or a pot on the stove with water. Add a capful of pure vanilla extract, some fresh lemon peel and snips of rosemary. I used fresh Rosemary, but I think dried would work just as well. Heat to a simmer. This fragrance doesn’t seem to cause anyone, even those with allergies, any breathing or headache problems.

10 thoughts on “Pleasures – Fresh Air

  1. I never tho that of vanilla – rosemary!
    Mostly just use essential oils and they are awesome – like we used “peace and harmony” blend when aww and the dog sitter said it kept the dog happy and well – one of my favs
    Anyhow – I bet the vanilla smells so good – and with the citrus! Mmmm
    And I hope more people read this because those store bought plug-in are dangerous ! They have toxins that get approved because they are in such tiny amounts! Argh! And febreeze kills birds – so why do we overlook chemicals that kill organisms and allow them to be sprayed into the closed indoor air that we breathe (and indoor air can be more toxic than outdoor air) –
    And so posts like this show how sir can be beautified and kept healthy!

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      1. yes – and check out Now foods oils (on Lucky Vitamin – free shipping over 49$) they have some amazing blends and great deals on their 4 oz bottles – 🙂
        but your cabinets sound full of fun all natural stuff! 🙂

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      1. So maybe Matthew will not bother you.:)
        I came back last night- had a wonderfully rewarding trip and learnt a lot + walked the steps of the Mecca of Medicine- Harvard Medical School- what more could a doctor want ? Sheer Bliss !

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