Plant – Gryphon Begonia

Gryphon Begonias are an outstanding plant to grow indoors and out. A year or two ago I purchased this unique begonia and have never been sorry. By the way, I love the name—Gryphon—a gryphon is a mythical creäture with the body of a lion and the wings and head of an eagle.


I have found the Gryphon begonia an easy plant to grow with one hitch. After spending summers outdoors on the screened-in porch, mine eventually loses all its foliage in the winter, leaving spiky stems standing alone in the pot. These stems are interesting by themselves. The first time this occurred, I took heart when I spied small leaflets at the base of the plant. By Spring, the small leaves were growing large, and new stalks were emerging. I have read that other gryphon owners have experienced a period of dormancy with their plants too. Give Gryphon-growing a try—you won’t be disappointed.

* Gryphons, as with all begonias, do not like to be overwatered. Let surface of potting soil feel dry to the touch before watering.

8 thoughts on “Plant – Gryphon Begonia

      1. Timelesslady

        As long as you can keep them going. I usually lose a begonia or two to stem rot in the winter because the soil does not dry out quickly enough.


  1. Can I put my begonia in an unheated garage, allow it to die back and then expect it will come back in the spring? That’s what I do with my flowering begonias and the bulbs usually split, I separate and have seveeral begonias. Can I do the same with this one? Arre they bulbs to begin with?

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    1. I’m not sure if it will come back. I brought some begonias indoors, and they are in the cool of the basement. It would depend on what your winter climate is. Ours is very cold and the garage gets near freezing.


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