Peculiarities – Graveyard

I am reblogging this post from 2013, one because it still amuses me when I remember our first sight of this graveyard decor, and second, the graveyard itself is in a beautiful setting in Belleplain. Third, it is the perfect entry in Jennifer Nichole Wells – Halloween Challenge.


This angelic shelf on a tree gave us quite a laugh…especially since it was mounted on a tree bordering a graveyard!



6 thoughts on “Peculiarities – Graveyard

  1. The graveyard pictures are beautiful. It looks like a fairyland – I don’t mean fairy land – fairy land- but the picture is so picturesque- what do I mean ?
    Wonder what the importance of the whiskey bottle on the tree shelf was ? Was it for a passing bystander to stop, laugh and meditate on how short life is and to make the best out of it as long as we have been given ?

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    1. Hi Susie, I agree…I think a beautiful graveyard can have a mystical look. We never knew why the whiskey bottle was there…for people to have a drink, or as a remembrance for someone who loved Jack Daniels whiskey. It has since disappeared, but the first time we saw the bottle it was so amusing, and I will never forget it. It definitely had a more whimsical feel to it, rather than a mournful attitude. Life seems to get shorter as I age…I say to my husband all the time, how can it be this day or that day already, my weeks fly by always. Have a happy weekend Susie. Kathy


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