Phun – Throwback Thursday/Shatner on a Plane

I recently read a good post about a daft plane. I’m sorry I can’t explain, but the daft airplane reminded me of this post from 2014. I thought today’s Throwback Thursday was the perfect day to allow it to resurface. If you want to read the post that jogged my memory, you can read more about the daft plane on the Mehrling Muse WordPress Blog.

As a child, my husband saw an episode of the Twilight Zone in which William Shatner, before his Star Trek fame, is horrified by a scary (at least at the time of limited media special effects) monster on the wing of an airplane. My husband says this scared him for years as a child. Guess What? Whenever we fly I always find a moment to whisper in a frightened tone in my husband’s ear, “Shatner.” We always laugh, and he knows exactly what I mean. Seriously, he still tends to look out the airplane window at the wing when I say Shatner’s name. Funny…and true!

2 thoughts on “Phun – Throwback Thursday/Shatner on a Plane

  1. Kathy,
    Don’t you just love Anne’s posts and her blog ? I am so glad you could meet.
    I am only frighened ( a wee bit) at the time when the plane prepares to land and just touches the runway- it is so unpredictable- it could be smooth as butter or a very rocky, bumpy, un-ruly, no brake-y kind of feeling in the pit of one’s stomach.
    I once went to Lebanon and as the plane was landing at the Beirut airport, the people on the flight cheered for the pilot, though there was actually no problem with the landing. What an expression of gratitude that was !
    I have read that in the old days people used to sign hymns when planes went into air pockets or down and up mid air. I can so imagine that- the whole plane signs hymns loudly- what a praise song that might have been.

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    1. Yes, I love Anne’s posts. She seems like she’s right next door…like a good neighbor. I like the idea of singing hymns. Other than delays, most of our flights have been very uneventful…although we have hit turbulence and had a little bit of a rocky ride. When we touch down in Jamaica it is often bumpy. Maybe because the airport is right on the ocean. Here’s to hoping all our flights are uneventful and smooth.

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