Planting – Friday Firsts/First Seed Packets of 2017


The seed racks are out in stores. Hooray! I picked out three packets to sow this weekend. Each of these varieties need a lot of grow time to reach a size that will thrive outdoors.

I will soak all of these seeds in water for a few hours before I sow them. The violas/pansy/johnny-jump-ups needs darkness to sprout. I’m going to cut down a outdoor garbage bag to cover the container. I’ll update as the seeds progress. The weekend is coming, take some time to browse through the seed racks and dream of Spring.

15 thoughts on “Planting – Friday Firsts/First Seed Packets of 2017

  1. We’re having our first real snow of the season. I simply cannot think of seeds today!

    I’m a reluctant gardener, having just begun coping with an inherited garden two years ago. I sowed three kinds of seeds last year, and only had success with one kind. I know now that I should have started sooner than I did. I’m sure following your blog will help me be more aware of what I should be doing.

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    1. Oh Susie, it is such a gorgeous plant. The flowers are a soft, beautiful yellow (my favorite) or a soft cantaloupe-colored orange. The vine is beautiful and twines around supports. It can grow very long and is wonderful on a trellis or in a hanging basket. I hope I have success with it this year. I will update for you as it grows. Have the happiest of days my friend.

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                1. It is actually a busy day for us. Right now, my two grand-daughters are asleep on an air mattress in the living room. Later on we will meet at a Hibachi Grill for lunch, and then go to their home, and celebrate the oldest grand-daughters fourth birthday. I hope the snow doesn’t ruin the plans.

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