Photographs & Postcards – Throwback Thursday/Teaberry Gum & Photo Tweaking


Does anyone remember the flavor of Teaberry Gum?

“Clark’s Teaberry is a brand of chewing gum which the D. L. Clark Company of Pittsburgh’s north side purchased the patent from Charles Burke, who experimented with various flavors of chewing gum in the basement of 533 McClintock Ave, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Teaberry is currently marketed by Clark Gum Company in Buffalo, New York, and made in Mexico. The gum dates to 1900” ~ Wikipedia

I haven’t seen Teaberry Gum in any large grocers or box stores for many years, but it is still sold in my local Amish Market dry goods store. The flavor is distinctive and so is the aroma.


I searched in vain for a copyright free photograph of someone blowing a bubble. I finally resorted to two favorite sites I use for photo tweaking: Adobe Photoshop (Paint, a free computer application also works well for cutting away backgrounds) and the free photo editing site PicMonkey. Most of the applications on PicMonkey are free. The image I used was a postcard stamped with a 1920 postmark.

I cut away the background in Adobe, and used PicMonkey to add the transparent pink bubble.

For those of you who are not sure about images you can use for your blog, look up public domain image laws. I can rest assured that I can use this postcard because it was created and sent before 1920, and the copy I use for my art is owned by me.

“A great source of true public domain images that are available to you are old books and postcards. Look inside the book at the publishing details, if the date of publishing is before 1923, you can legally scan or photograph these images and use at your leisure. The same applies to old photographs and postcards, if the original pre-dates 1923, you can use the image for your purposes without permission or payment.” ~Ebay

12 thoughts on “Photographs & Postcards – Throwback Thursday/Teaberry Gum & Photo Tweaking

  1. We all chewed Teaberry in high school. It does have a distinctive flavor. Copyright laws are useless on the Internet. I’ve had my posts repeated in their entirety (including images) on other sites (a B&B in Pa used to put my posts on their site as their own without permission.) I stopped caring because I stopped writing those “down-home” type posts and now just stick to the jewelry. We have the laws but not the means to remedy. So I suggest not putting anything on the Internet that you don’t want borrowed. You are right in your repeating paragraph about permission to reuse: If it’s on here, anyone can use it. I applaud you for caring. No one else does.

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  2. Kathy, your mention of Teaberry gum brought back a flood of memories of candy from the 50’s and the Teaberry Shuffle commercial. I remember Blackjack Gum, Choward’s Violet Mints and Sen-Sen Mints. And I remember cashing in glass Coke bottles (for 2 or 3 cents, big ones were worth a nickel) so I could purchase penny candy. My little local grocery store had a small wall of shelves holding big glass jars which contained those goodies. If you got a nickel, you could buy a Popsicle which you could split and share with a friend. I have fond memories of those days.

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    1. I remember buying popsicles and candy from small stores. I lived near a home that had a storefront with candy right in the front room. I remember Sen-Sen mints. My mother hated the smell of them. I remember the odd taste and the small size. I had forgotten the name Blackjack Gum, but it’s sounding familiar, but I can’t remember tasting it. I’ve had the Clove gum and it is sold alongside the Teaberry gum in the Amish market. I’d like to find mints that taste like violets smell. I’ll have to look it up. Thanks Janie.

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    1. Violets are the sweetest, yet elusive smells. Several of the wild, less scented variety of the flowers grow in my yard. They are lovely in their growth habit and their scent. I’m not sure what Parma Violets are…I’ll look it up now. Thanks Kerry

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