Pheathers – Screech Owls


“How many are your works, LORD! In wisdom you made them all; the earth is full of your creatures.” ~ Psalm 104:24


On our travels around the Delaware Bay yesterday we stopped at the 2017 Cumberland County Winter Eagle Festival. These two screech owls were breathtaking in their beauty. They were so perfect, at first glance they didn’t seem to be real; I actually thought they were mechanical toys. God’s world is amazing!

8 thoughts on “Pheathers – Screech Owls

      1. We had one several years ago that we found injured along the road. We took it home and kept it quiet and dark a couple days till it recovered. They are so cute….probably because they are so tiny. When they hoot they sound really neat also.

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        1. These were quiet…so many people around. When I asked the trainer/handler if I could take a picture she said yes, they are very used to people, so I wonder if they have been kept since they were babies. How wonderful that you were able to help one recover from an injury. The world is filled with good people. I focus on that instead of the bad going on.

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