11 thoughts on “Quick Tip – Blogger Alert

  1. I know that my comments have been thrown into SPAM on some sites recently, or WP deleted them. They disappeared as soon as I entered them. Your post tells me I am not the only one this is happening to. Yes, I do have to check my SPAM folder when I go in. I sometimes find people who don’t belong in there.


    1. Lavinia, you might want to contact wordpress about it because I just pulled this comment out of my spam folder. I’m going to have to start checking every day. Thanks for commenting, it will help keep me more alert to check the spam folder.

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    1. Not with you Susie, with two others who visit the blog. I am not sure what makes it happen. I hadn’t checked for awhile so I am not sure if I missed taking them out and putting them back in the regular comment folder. I will have to try and write down a reminder somewhere to check every few days. I posted my experience in case others are missing comments too, because unless you look, or someone mentions it to you, there is no way of knowing. I hope you have a good day today. Kathy

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