15 thoughts on “Quote – Grace

    1. Thanks Chicken Grandma, I love it also. I found the crocus as I drove past a house in our town. I wish I could have caught the whole swathe of them. The house owner, or I should say gardener, had planted them within the small patch of grass between sidewalk and curb, and also in a nearby garden. Hundreds of them were glowing in the sunlight as I drove by last week. Saturday I grabbed my camera and biked over and took a photograph. The picture is good…but the real image was spectacular.

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  1. Kathy,
    This verse was up in a framed “photo” ( for want of a better word) at the guest room in my grandparents’ farmhouse, in the village. We went there for our vacations often. The guest room was open only when “guests” came home- my father was one of the “guests”- though a son-in-law, he was considered the guest of honor in my grandparents’ home. So the guest room with its soft bed, good bed covers, wooden almirahs and everything else was open for him and where he went, we kids went too, so we got to sleep there too.
    I remember lying on that special bed and looking up at this verse as a child and wondering what it meant. Having seen it so many times it is etched in my mind. As I grew older I realised what it meant as you have reminded me today.
    Thank you for memories and for the reminder. Kathy, as we face tribulations, we need to say thanks ( even for the tribulation, for through the tribulation – if we managed to go through it without blaming anyone, most of all God, and even managed to give thanks, we have succeeded in the life battle). Then God will fight our trial for us.

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