Quick Tip – Eggshells in the Garden

Yesterday’s post was lovely, today I’m going to sling around a little dirt. I cooked up a batch of red beet eggs and had over a dozen egg peelings left over. I decided to add them to my Square Foot Gardens for a calcium boost. I whirled the egg shells in the blender with some water, but decided next time to use the food processor. When I poured the water off, all the shells were stuck around the blade at the bottom of the blender. The food processor would have given me a dry powder, easier to sprinkle on the garden. I made another mistake, I poured the water down the drain. GrowVeg.com has a great article on using eggshells for plants: Using Eggshells in the Garden. I’m going to start saving all my boiled egg water for houseplants.

Mistakes aside, I worked what I had into a section of the garden with a trowel.

In the next few days I’ll add a bit of organic garden soil, water it in, and then next week, near St. Patrick’s Day, I’ll plant some garden peas. Spring is definitely on the horizon.

14 thoughts on “Quick Tip – Eggshells in the Garden

    1. Hi Susie, I was hoping they didn’t look like trash on the soil. Once they are worked in with the trowel they disappear. I’m getting excited for planting seeds outdoors. I have several growing indoors now. This is such a hopeful time of year. Kathy

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      1. I love that you are so happy and are waiting to see new growth and new beginnings. I am so sure this year will bring new wonders in your life. All the old will pass and there is all the new to look forward to.
        God bless !

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  1. I save my shells and dry them in the oven as it cools from cooking, then crush the shells with a rolling pin. Can be fed to wormery or poultry or put on compost (and no washing up). Just goes to show there are loads of ways to do things. 🙂

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