Plants & Pets – The Accidental Garden

I grow quite a few garden plants from seed at this time of year. This makes space in front of sunny windows the go-to spot when my light table is covered with sprouts. Quite a few of my larger plants have ended up grouped in a spare room for a month or two. Without planning to, I created an accidental garden.

Hans, one of our cats, likes hanging out in the accidental garden too.  At first, I didn’t know he was there, and then I felt eyes watching me. Surprise!

14 thoughts on “Plants & Pets – The Accidental Garden

    1. Susie, I agree wholeheartedly. Sometimes things that happen as this did, an accidental grouping, or something you do on a quick whim, turn out to be the best of all. Isn’t Hans sweet. I know another cat-lover like you would like this sweet photo of him. He is the dearest cat. So sweet. Thanks Susie. I think I will keep all the plants in the room, unless of course I have a guest, then I might have to move a few of them out. Kathy

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        1. Aw Anne, thanks for the laugh…I wish I had thought of good words like those when I was writing. I admire those who can come up with humor in life’s situations large and small. Thanks for starting my day out with a smile. Kathy


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