Planting – Sweet Potatoes…again

I bought three different varieties of sweet potatoes in the market this week, a red, a white, and an orange yam.  I’m not planning a new recipe or dish, instead I’m going to grow them, and hopefully, when they sprout, they will all have foliage in different colors.

The foliage of sweet potatoes is lush. After they sprout, I’m hoping to grow them on in hanging baskets with flowers added for color.

Sweet potato vines are available for purchase in garden centers. They are expensive, usually 3.99 a pot. For less than a quarter of what three plants would cost, I should have three plants for my baskets.

I’m starting them in water. Until they sprout, I’m keeping them in the basement to mimic the darkness underground. Hopefully, updates will follow with photographs of wildly growing vines.

28 thoughts on “Planting – Sweet Potatoes…again

  1. Kathy,
    Great post and tips. Keep us updated.
    When I buy sweet potatoes, it is usually on a whim. I want to turn healthy or be good or something like that. Very soon the whim goes away and the sweet potatoes remain on my rack along with my onions, shallots, garlic and ginger. Soon the cold and humid atmosphere of my rack which is not much moved and is a in dark corner, makes the sweet potato bud – no need for water or anything. This way I got about 6 sweet potatoes with long vines in my rack. I didn’t know what to do with them. My daughter ( the one with the exams) got into a do good fit and planted them out in the garden, where they are doing well in the now spring weather.

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    1. Oh Susie, thanks for the inspiring comment. I have grown the potatoes in the past, but not specifically for my outdoor garden. I am hoping some of the newer varieties of potatoes will surprise me with their foliage. I love surprises in the garden! I’ve had potato peels sprout in my composter. They love to grow. Your daughter must enjoy watching them grow outdoors now. Let me know how they do. Kathy

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        1. Susie, my sister grows them. She has a whole lot next to her house for gardening and can give them the room they need. I have grown regular potatoes by accident…in the compost bin, but I didn’t eat them. Kathy

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            1. I will do that Susie, but it will have to be a few months from now. It is still cold to grow anything but the hardiest of vegetables and flowers outdoors. We are still under frost watch for another month or so. I will see if she has any photographs of her patch from last year. Kathy

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    1. Thanks so much! I love to share fun and inexpensive projects, and yes, you are so right…this is a great project for children. I’m off now to look up maris pipers…something new for me today. Have a lovely day. 🙂

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  2. I love the orange variety. They re so sweet. I have some in my garden. Plated some cutting a few months ago. We use the young leaves for our “sinigang” a sour dish typically unique in our country.

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    1. Anne, I’m hoping for some different colors too…I love the chartreuse green shade of sweet potato vines, and know the yams will grow a darker green…I’m hoping the white or red potato might be chartreuse.


  3. Timelesslady

    It’s been awhile…I think they like sun since they are a garden plant, but I grew the ornamental vines in semi-shade one year and they did well there too.


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