Perspective & Plants & Quote – Seedlings/You Do Too Much? NO!

The coleus seedlings have begun to thrive. After their typical slow start, they have developed roots and are now reaching toward the sun on a kitchen windowsill. I’ll let you in on a secret…this is only a portion of the coleus I have growing, there are dozens more under lights. Yes, it seems like a lot of plants, when you add in the tomatoes, eggplant, zinnias, cardinal flowers, moon flowers, etc., etc., etc., but today I came upon a quote in ‘One Woman Farm,’ by Jenna Woginrich, that perfectly described how I feel about what others might view as an excess of activity and objects in my life.

Jenna writes in a chapter titled, ‘I Do Too Much:’
“I do what I do because it fills my mind, body, and spirit. I live in this frenzy of activity not as a victim but as a celebrant.”
“You know what I think? I think wasted potential is a lot scarier than feeling overwhelmed. There is no monster greater than regret.”

I agree Jenna, and so I say when I spend a good half hour watering all my seedling babies…”Onward!”

One of the ‘mother’ plants of my coleus seeds.

14 thoughts on “Perspective & Plants & Quote – Seedlings/You Do Too Much? NO!

  1. Oh, my! What a gorgeous photo! And so much life happening in such a little bit of space! Can’t wait until my own “coleus babies” begin to sprout up. There is something so magical about how a little tiny seed can become something so gorgeously vibrant and colorful. Your mother plant is ridiculously beautiful. I can see how you could be seduced by the idea of propagating more of them, one little seed cup at a time. Such a wonderful little slice of life. 🙂

    Also nodding my head about the notion of living in celebration within a frenzy of activity. These days, I’m moving so much slower than before, but even so, there are days I push myself, just taking delight in the simplest of things that can be accomplished when you are in a state of meditation, accomplishing some sort of task or another. Really focused and engaged.

    For instance, I spent several hours yesterday putting together my Easter gift baskets for my great-grandsons (I have two of them, ages 2 and 3). Sure, I could have thrown it all together and been done with it, but it was far more satisfying to linger over the process, sort of like arranging flowers in a vase. A bit of color here, a tiny toy there, a hidden surprise over here, and a few little treats to fill in any empty spots. Some healthy snacks, plus one special toy unique to each one, based on their current infatuation with whatever Disney movie or cartoon they favor. For one, it’s Paw Patrol. The other? All about the Minions.

    To be honest, I’ve never seen a single thing having to do with either one (movie or cartoon for Paw Patrol or the Minions), but if it appeals to them, then I enjoy adding that special little touch to their gift baskets. My way of acknowledging how they are both unique. It was an enjoyable way to spend several hours dawdling and arranging the items in their baskets. When I finished, I was well pleased with the outcome.

    Yes, I could have done it all within twenty minutes, but why rush through something you enjoy doing? Savor the moments. Be there. Immersed in whatever activity brings you joy. Even if it is only arranging toys and snacks in a basket, or watering baby Coleus seedlings, one by one, and watching them grow into tiny little versions of the mother plant. 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much for this lovely comment. It keeps me blogging to have such kind comments. I have grandchildren too, and so enjoyed the thought of you making those baskets. I have five grandchildren…three boys, two girls. I adore them. I have had fun collecting Easter basket gifts too…Spring pajamas, trading cards, a tiny bit of candy…have to be very careful here…one of ours has a peanut allergy. Thanks so much again for the comment. Kathy

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      1. I have three grand kids, who are all in their early 20’s now. My grand daughter (22) has a 2 yr old son, and my grandson (24) is with someone who has a 3 yr old son, so I ended up with a bonus great grandson! Grand kids (and great grand kids) are just the best.

        I’m with you, in that I usually try to make it a mix of practical items (clothes, toothbrushes, bandaids with favorite characters, bowls or cups with those same characters), books or DVD’s, a few small safe toys, a few healthy snacks, and finally, just a little bit of candy. Plus maybe one larger toy, based on their current interest. So much fun, and my grand kids end up enjoying seeing their little ones receiving those treat-filled baskets (just like they used to get every year themselves, when they were younger). It’s such a delight to have them in our lives. I almost always include some sort of restaurant gift card for the grown-up grand kids, as well. Young couples always appreciate a free meal. LOL. Nancy 🙂

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        1. Great ideas for the baskets…definitely stealing your bandaid idea. Easy to buy, and no one ever has enough bandaids. I always seem to be out of them just when I need one. You are blessed with children…yes, a bonus in another great grandson…and they are blessed to have you.

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  2. Kathy,
    Your coleus ( colei ?) are beautiful. And your thoughts on why you have so much. I loved it. And you gave me an idea for a book to read too, I think I am going to look for ” One woman Farm” too.
    I haven’t done any planting this year and the spring here is nearly over, so I am too late but perhaps not too. I spent the time on my daughter and in good time, perhaps the harvest will come.
    Love your ideas for Easter baskets for your grandchildren- here again you are investing time and love on these precious ones’.
    Your post led me to another thought as they do often – in life we invest our talents and our God given love and our inner most spirit in whatever the Spirit leads us on to and there comes a time, when all of our investments or seedlings have grown into plants and are ready for harvest.
    At that time we will be harvested for the vibrant colors we show, the seeds we have produced, the love we have sown and so much more.
    Isn’t that a glorious thought ?

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    1. Oh Susie, I love that quote…I think when you are harvested you will be so full of brilliant color you will be one of God’s rainbows. Thanks so much for that good thought! I just thought of the story of the talents in the Bible too…God didn’t mean for us to hide what we love and can do…he means for us to use what he has given to us. I am so glad you had that special time with your daughter. Kathy

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