Quick Tip – Losing my Glasses/Tip on Tuesday

I lose my reading/weeding glasses everywhere. Gardening brings about a constant loss and drop of my dollar store spectacles. I place them on the top of my head for safekeeping, but then I need a hat to shade me from the sun and must move them. I carry them in a shirt pocket or tuck them into my collar, and they drop out unbeknownst to me and blend into the weeds. I have a string to hang them around my neck, but it gets caught on bushes and twigs, and besides, I’ve lost that somewhere too.

I found the solution in a simple large safety pin. I attach it to my shirt, and the earpieces slide smoothly into the side, firmly held, but easily removed too.

Here’s a few more Quick Tips for using safety pins:
Safety pins eliminate static cling in clothing: Reducing Static Cling
Zip your dress: Alone and can’t zip, attach a safety pin with a piece of dental floss tied to it and zip away.
Avoid pickpockets: For added security in crowds, safety pin zipper to fabric of purse or pack.
Fix a broken flip-flop: Pin through stem underneath the sole. This will not last long, but might get you to where you can get a new pair.
Keep keys safely in pocket during an amusement park ride: Pin your keys to your inside pocket to avoid losing them when that roller-coaster goes upside down and around.
Keep spare buttons organized: When a shirt/blouse/coat comes with a little packet of replacement buttons, thread them on a safety pin and store in a safe place.
Hide bra straps: Use a safety pin (or paper clip) to hold the back of your bra straps together.

Added tips:
Sherry – Wearing a safety pin can be a way to show solidarity.
Prior – Has used a creative repair for broken flip-flops – a piece of silicon from pool goggles.
Derrick – Great idea for glasses…have a few pairs in different strengths for different needs.

Know another? Tell me in the comment box and I’ll add it to the list.

16 thoughts on “Quick Tip – Losing my Glasses/Tip on Tuesday

  1. Ok – so just last week my flip-flop broke at the pool. I used a piece of lost and found silicone (must have been from some goggles) and it stretched enough for a short-term fix – but learned a lesson with cheap flops…. only use them for minor things.
    anyhow, the tip for the safety pin and flip flop is my take away for today.
    and I am adding one to my purse – or wallet.

    also – I somehow now remember watching the price is right as kid – or some show like that – and a lady won money for having a safety pin and bobby pin…

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    1. I also need to always have one in my purse, or pocket, or somewhere in the car. I love flip flops but don’t wear them as much anymore. Slate stones become like ice in my yard when they are wet and I have flip flops on.

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      1. oh yes – the slate is slick.
        I have come to love flip slops and Nike make this thin pair that has foam – they are amazing – and I have some New Balance ones that i could run a 5K in….
        but I still like the cheapies for around the house or yard (and we don’t have slate)

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        1. I would love to have some that are supportive. I’ll have to keep my eyes open for the New Balance variety. Does Kohl’s sell them I wonder. I usually wait until I have a handful of good coupons and discounts to buy shoes…otherwise…they are outrageously priced.

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          1. actually, I was mistaken – the flip-flops that i could run in have an R on them – which I think is for Reebok –
            and the New Balance ones are sturdy, really well made, but not as nice (IMHO) as the other high end ones. But the NB ones are also from maybe 2011-ish – and so the others newer… and maybe have newer tech?
            and I think I got the R ones at TJMaxx… but I do love Kohls sales – and good idea yo use those coupons – 🙂

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  2. I can’t add to the safety pins, but you may have seen photos of Jackie wearing two or three pairs of glasses simultaneously. That is because they are all of varying strength. She buys off the counter reading glasses and keeps pairs in convenient spots all over the house.

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    1. Hi Derrick, I also have glasses everywhere. Great idea to buy varying strength. I don’t know why I never thought of that. Weeding and reading would definitely be a place where different levels would work for me too. Thanks!

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