Place – Philadelphia in the Fog

The fog surrounding Philadelphia transforms the city and surroundings with a metallic silver hue. These sights were photographed from the opposite side of the Delaware river on the shores of National Park, New Jersey.

National Park is a great place to watch planes arriving and departing from Philadelphia International Airport.

Cee’s Foto Challenge this week is Metal. Think how many metal water towers we pass each day, never notice, but depend upon for their durability.

18 thoughts on “Place – Philadelphia in the Fog

  1. Philly’s skyline is so dramatically different than when I was a kid growing up nearby..
    William Penn, standing atop city hall, was the highest structure of the city.. And it stayed the highest structure under a gentleman’s agreement upon completion, for 85 years.. I remember in 1987 when “they” built the first building to tower over Penn’s statue.. I wasn’t happy.. Not that it should bother me but our skyline changed, it wasn’t unique anymore..
    Your pictures brought back a lot of memories 😊

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      1. 😂 yes I do..
        My fav attraction, then and probably still is, the Franklin Institute, I loved going there.. 😄
        My sister loved the downtown stores, I loved the open food markets.. Philly had lots of good and bad going on, never boring..

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        1. I don’t go into the city too much. I have gone to the Flower Shows, a restaurant called Vietnam, most of the museums, the zoo. I should go in more. The Art museum is a favorite of mine. Easy to get to, impossible to get home for some reason. It never fails, I take a wrong term and end up in the heart of the city. Yikes! I usually just turn my car toward the river, and follow that direction until I am near a bridge to get back home. :/

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          1. I’m sorry, that made me burst out laughing.. Because I know how confusing it is down there.. So many bridges with lousy signage and a couple that you have to make lane changing loops to follow..
            If you haven’t done the Franklin Institute, I do hope you do sometime.. 😊


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