Project – Tripod Birdhouse

Fallen branches create an easy and secure tripod for a bird house. The bottoms are stabilized by placing them about ten inches in the ground. The top of each branch leans against the others securely fastened with floral wire and leather ties. The bird house rests within the three branches and is secured with floral wire and leather through screw-eyes attached to the bottom of the house.

The bird house stands about seven feet tall. I’ll plant several vining plants around the bottom: Moonflower, Cardinal Flower, Morning Glories and Climbing Nasturtiums.

10 thoughts on “Project – Tripod Birdhouse

  1. This is terrific for me to add this year 😊
    Instead spending time turning long limbs into kindling (of which I have more than I need) , I have almost ready made poles and perches to add birdhouses to attract more birds to eat mosquitoes and the dreaded biting black flies.. And will bring added enjoyment in the sights and sounds bird watching brings.. I really like this post !

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      1. I’ll dedicate a post to you if/when I get my 1st one done and you can rate it 😉.. So much I want to get accomplished this year, even just time for one of these done, will make me smile

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