Planting – Throwback Thursday/Granny, Groundhogs and Chipmunks

I’ve planted like a whirlwind this week. It’s been rainy, but I’ve mustered on, wearing a large-brimmed hat to keep the raindrops out of my eyes. I’m hoping my sprouts will develop strong roots before the heat gets too high.

You might wonder what the strange towers and sticks are in the back of my garden. These are my sunflower towers created with soda bottles. They worked well last year, and I was able to grow sunflowers in several gardens. I’m hoping they will protect my young sunflower plants from rodents large and small.

I used some of the shells I have on hand for labeling plants. The shells are doing double duty for me and work as rodent repellents. I added a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil inside the inner recesses of each shell. I’m hoping this strong fragrance will discourage four-legged varmints of all sizes.

I’ve already had to replant some seedlings chipmunks and squirrels unearthed in their constant quest for seeds. Last week, I saw my nemesis for the first time this season, that dastardly groundhog who mows down my beautiful plants like a John Deere tractor. He was wary though, I think he remembers his close encounter with the marbles I sent his way last year with my trusty slingshot. Or does he remember the time I chased him yelling like a crazy person and swinging a broom? When I saw him this time I yelled, “GROUNDHOG!” He heard me and ran before I could chase him down. I ended up laughing at myself, when did I start hollering like Granny of Beverly Hillbillies fame? I sounded just like her when she used to get aggravated with Jethro and yell his name.

Oh my! Granny once looked like an old, old woman to me. How did she grow so young, and how did I grow so old? Life…it goes so fast. Now, back to chasing that groundhog…that will keep me young!

16 thoughts on “Planting – Throwback Thursday/Granny, Groundhogs and Chipmunks

  1. That was funny, Kathy. The post was funny too and I wish some one had recorded you yelling “groundhog”.
    I have never watched this series, so I guess, I have some watching to do.
    Hope you manage to save all your babies.

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    1. Hi Susie, It was a loud yell…the groundhog ran! Funny…I haven’t seen him back yet, but this morning, even as I write there are bunnies on the lawn. They won’t eat much right now…they love the clover in the lawn the best. I watched the Beverly Hillbillies when I was very young. Granny looked very old to me. Now, oh my, Granny looks much younger to my older eyes. Kathy

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    1. I had some very small zinnia sprouts disappear already. I will have to replant or buy a bigger plant to put in the place of them. The rabbits also SIT on plants and kill the very small ones. It is a constant battle with the wildlife.

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  2. vicki

    Loved your post about your garden!! Made me smile at you chasing away a groundhog and trying to outsmart those darn chipmunks and squirrels…. Sounds so familiar..

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  3. Oh my word!! I laughed out loud and had to read the groundhog episode to my husband! We have groundhogs here also but they have not yet found my garden. If they did I would have to practice some slingshot skills. I have a feeling they would be quite safe on that score. Susie is right… should have had video of you chasing the groundhog.

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    1. I am not good with the slingshot either. And the groundhogs fur is so thick a marble would never even make an impression. I think the broom and the wildly screaming woman probably made a better impression. I wonder what the neighbors think??? :/

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