Project & Phlutters – Butterfly Feeding/First Swallowtail Part II

Creating my butterfly feeder was quick, easy and inexpensive. I had much of what I needed on hand. A dollar store windchime with four attachments where the chimes hung was the perfect piece of mechanics for hanging a shallow container filled with Gatorade or boiled sugar water. (4 parts water to 1 part sugar)

No instructions needed, use what you have on hand. The secret lies in the wire and plastic container: a plastic dish scrubber. The butterfly can land on this and use his long proboscis to dine on the nectar. I created holes in the plastic dish with a hot ice pick.

When I added the wire for hanging I let the end curl upward. These make the perfect spear for rotting/old fruit. I was going to use a strawberry, but remembered they are heavily sprayed with insecticide. It is better to use fruit that is within a peel unless it is organic.

14 thoughts on “Project & Phlutters – Butterfly Feeding/First Swallowtail Part II

    1. Hi Janie, I hope so…but I am wondering…will it draw skunks at night. Last evening, as we were watching television, we smelled a faint scent of skunk. I wondered if he was drawn to the yard by the fruit.

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      1. Dunno. They are scavengers aren’t they? Yeah, getting that whiff of Eau de Pepe on the evening breeze happens on occasion. About 40 years ago, I was driving down a dark back road to my tennis lessons and ran over something (was an unnoticeable impact)… but when the odor hit me I knew what had happened. It took forever for that smell to dissipate from my car. o_O

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        1. I remember a friend of ours…a skunk sprayed under her car. Everywhere she went when driving, standing in a store grocery line, etc., people around her would say, ‘Do you smell skunk?’ It still makes me laugh.

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              1. Thanks Janie, The feeder is probably 2.5 to 3 feet of the ground, so I think it is okay. The skunk probably can smell it though. We made the mistake of laying a bag of kitchen trash near out back porch a while back, meaning to take it to the trash, and the skunk found it. It took a few weeks for the smell of him to disappear off the concrete and surrounding area. :/ I think he returns now and then in hopes of another feast.

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