4 thoughts on “Quote – Wisdom on Wednesday/Prayer

  1. These days very few people pray on their knees, even while in church I think.
    But the days when we prayed by our bedside on our knees are still in front of my eyes.
    Those were the days.

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    1. When I was young I used to go with my grandparents to Wednesday night prayer meeting. Everyone prayed on their knees. In this age, even if we aren’t on our knees…we can be so in our heart. Thanks Susie, I always love your comments. Kathy


      1. Oh we did that at home and when our knees ached, we plopped ourselves down too as our family prayers were quite long.
        During Good Friday, there are certain sections of the worship in the Orthodox tradition churches where the congregation has to kneel down fully – not just on their knees- and then get up- very good to keep everyone active. The children used to enjoy those services a lot.
        You brought back a lot of memories for me, Kathy.

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        1. Thanks Susie, and thank you for sharing your traditions with me. Today I once again read the Proverb about training up a child in the way they should go and they would not depart from it…a wonderful promise. Kathy

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