Planting & Phlowers – Wildflower Packets

I planted three small garden patches with an inexpensive wildflower packet this year. I think I paid about 20 cents each for a handful of packets. They grew with hardy exuberance, filling the patches with foliage. When the temperatures warmed up they began to bloom in a glorious array of variety and colors.

The nectar and pollen draw all types of pollinators, both large and small, and today when taking photographs I saw a few butterflies hovering over the patches.

The foliage can look a little weedy and that’s okay because, in reality, many of these wildflowers are considered weeds.

I love the Black-Eyed Susans that grew from the packets. The close-up details fill me with awe over what the good Lord has created in miniature. This photo is part of Skywatch Friday. The burst of petals is reminiscent of the fireworks on Wednesday night.

Sir Water Scott perfectly describes the way my wildflower garden grows and how I want to live my life. I like orderly garden beds that bloom with decorum at the right time and in the right place, but I prefer the glorious action and surprises in a patch of mixed wildflowers.

If you press flowers, you will find that many of these wildflowers make terrific candidates for pressing, as does their sparse foliage.

Sketching, painting and other forms of art using wildflowers becomes easier by isolating single varieties with a large sheet of posterboard.

It’s not too late to plant wildflowers. I will be adding fresh seeds to my gardens for a few weeks yet in hopes of enjoying wildflowers throughout the entire summer and fall.

11 thoughts on “Planting & Phlowers – Wildflower Packets

  1. Shelley

    I planted some from seeds this year, they are much slower than your garden, but now I’m hopeful they will turn out colorful and fun to watch grow!!

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  2. Onisha Ellis

    I planned a similar planting and bought seeds. Then we had so much rain I worried they would wash away. I enjoy untidy plantings. There is always next year.


    1. Timelesslady

      Every day I spend several minutes checking out what has bloomed overnight. I’ve really enjoyed these patches of flowers.


    1. Timelesslady

      I think this year the conditions were perfect in our area. It was very cool, long enough for them to get established, and then very hot, perfect for bursting into bloom. They grow so thickly, at some point watering is an issue, but for now, I am really enjoying them. Thanks for stopping by.

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