Quick Tip – Inexpensive Garden Pots

Dollar stores are the perfect choice for good prices, after all, everything is a dollar. This year, I planted eight dollar store oil drip pans, (large, shallow plastic pans) with plants suitable for pressed flower harvesting.

I expected the plants in these pots to be spent and dried out by the end of June. What an unexpected surprise to find that these containers, planted with four plants each, have thrived and are still lushly growing. Careful watering is the key to success with shallow pans.

I might empty a few soon and try them out for an Autumn lettuce crop. Give the dollar store a try for unique containers that can be turned into inexpensive planters.

5 thoughts on “Quick Tip – Inexpensive Garden Pots

    1. Timelesslady

      A few weeks ago I posted a tip on how I create drainage in plastic containers. It’s so simple…you don’t need to drill at all. Grab a hammer, an ice pick, screwdriver or nail and lay your plastic container on soft ground. Hammer your sharp object with one blow through the plastic into the ground. Sometimes the plastic cracks, all of my oil drip pans cracked, but they work regardless. A much easier, faster, and safe way to create drainage. I usually create 4 – 8 holes according to the size of the container. Thanks so much for the comment and stopping by the blog.


    1. Timelesslady

      They have worked great for me. Because they are low the plants droop easily around the edges and conceal the pot underneath. They were also wide enough to really fill with plants.

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