Phlowers – Marigolds

At this time of year, I often walk around my gardens with pencil and tablet to record what I’ve liked, or even more important, make note of what I don’t want to repeat.

To add a bit of Autumn color to my flowered-out front garden, I transplanted a few bunches of marigolds that were growing in an over-crowded area in the backyard. The marigolds have shallow roots and were easy to move. I thought ahead and chose an overcast day with rain in the forecast to dig them out and replant. The cooler temperatures and rainy weather have helped them adapt to the front gardens. I’ve enjoyed their russet burst of color so much, next year I’m planning to plant a patch of this variety in an out of the way place, expressly for transplanting to the front gardens in Autumn.

My garden keeps me young and full of dreams for each season.

“Garden as though you will live forever.” ~ William Kent

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