Pots & Pans – Slow Cooker Chicken Corn Chowder

Sometimes having a bit of insomnia is a good thing…especially if you find a perfect recipe.

It’s a great video, but the music drove me crazy, too perky for the middle of the night. I loved the ingredient list and the ease of putting the chowder together; I made a pot of it within a week of viewing the video.

The recipe can be found here: Slow Cooker Chicken Corn Chowder.

I changed a few things (I always do) to use what I had on hand. I used fresh basil and substituted 1 tsp. dried Italian herbs and 1 tsp dried parsley for the thyme. I also rarely use heavy cream in recipes if I can substitute whole milk with a little butter.

I splurged on some organic red new potatoes; I wanted the peels to be free of chemicals of all kinds. I cooked the soup in the slow cooker on the high setting for 4 hours, and only blended a ladle or two of potatoes and corn at the end of the cooking time, leaving the chicken entirely out of that step. (Something about chicken in a blender revolts me. 😒 Ugh!) I also halved the recipe since it only needed to serve two people. This recipe is easy, delicious, and nutritious.

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