2 thoughts on “Quote – Song of Solomon

  1. We live in the Northern Hemisphere too but our flowers come out in the Winters which would have temperatures like your summer. So for us the season of flowers is on its way out. Yet, when you remind me that the season of flowers is in, I rejoice because I get to see more pictures of your flowers through your posts and know that somewhere on this earth, there are flowers blooming while we are a-burning.


  2. Timelesslady

    Oh Susie, I wish you flowers every day. They really do brighten up the world.Today we went to Longwood Gardens after church. It has never been so crowded! We had to park in the overflow parking lot. We wondered if it was a special day, but no, only a warm day after a long winter. One of the people in the main entrance told us that she had to call in extra help. Everyone wanted to be in a garden today. I guess we all had Spring Fever.


Thanks so much for your comments. They fill my life with sunshine.

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