Quick Tip – Easter Tree

My Scrub Pine Christmas tree is now doing its triple tour of duty as a holiday tree. First it was decorated for Christmas, then Valentine’s Day, and now I have covered it with Malted Robin Eggs for Easter.

Once again I made good use of leftover Christmas ornament hooks. (Next year I intend to buy several packages to have on hand for projects.)

I created a small indentation with a miniature Phillips Head screwdriver, then pushed one straightened end of the hook, dabbed with a spot of glue, into the malt. Voilá! The hooks work perfectly to hang the small eggs on the tree. A few of the eggs did crack while I attempted to insert the hook, but I confess, the evidence of their demise was quickly eaten.

14 thoughts on “Quick Tip – Easter Tree

  1. Kathy,
    This is a wonderful idea. Can I reblog this post? A lot of people will be thrilled to do this.
    BTW, what are malted eggs and how are they made ? Are they the Easter eggs that we buy from the shops for children?

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    1. Timelesslady

      Hi Susie, I’m sorry it took me so long to respond. I’m only getting to my comment section now. The family was over to dinner last night. Fun! Of course, you can always feel you can reblog anything I post. I’m honored you like it. Thanks Susie. Yes. The malted eggs were bought in my local grocery store. They are very inexpensive and the colors are so pretty. Kathy

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