Plants – Flower of the Day and Invasive Plants

My flower of the day, part of Cee’s FOTD challenge, is this gorgeous yellow iris blooming in my garden. I love my iris plants. I also grow a deep purple and pink iris in my gardens.

Iris plants spread at a good rate, but they rarely become invasive, and are easy to dig out and share with friends when they take over too much room.

A plant I’m having trouble with this year is yarrow. I have this nice clump near the air conditioner. I appreciate its tenacity in this inhospitable dry soil. The plant spreads a bit each year, but for the most part is easy to control.

The flip side of this story is the yarrow sown last year via a pack of mixed wildflowers. These yarrow plants are not cooperative. They have returned and spread like a noxious weed. I am having a terrible time pulling the long tap roots out of the rich soil in the back yard plot. Yarrow is  a medicinal herb for muscle aches, but I certainly don’t need this much medicine, and if I keep yanking it up, it’s going to give me a backache. The moral of the tale: read the back of mixed wildflower packets and don’t plant any that contain yarrow.

I love my Rudbeckia Daisies,  but they also spread and can take over any plot they are in. Each year I end up pulling plants out of the beds and also seedlings out of the lawn. Still, I wouldn’t eradicate the Rudbecka altogether; I love the tall yellow stems of daisies they produce in mid-summer.

12 thoughts on “Plants – Flower of the Day and Invasive Plants

    1. Timelesslady

      I do appreciate the one clump that grows in a spot where nothing else seems to thrive. Yarrow might be a good choice for a piece of ground that is difficult.


  1. After my sister-in-law helped dig up iris that had quit blooming, I waited two years for the replanted things to put on a show. This year we had the reward with lots of blooms.

    I don’t know if the first owners planted yarrow, but I seem to spend a lot of time pulling it out all around the garden. How I wish I liked invasive plants and would give up pretty things that resist growing in my garden!

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    1. Timelesslady

      Oh Anne, I can really sympathize with the yarrow. I am going to pull every little sprig of it from now on except for the one clump that grows where everything else fails. I will be careful there to not let the flowers go to seed. I’m glad to hear you had a iris show this year. They are amazing. I just wish they lasted longer, but then maybe I wouldn’t appreciate them so much!


      1. Timelesslady

        Laughing…sounds like I’m sorry for the yarrow when I read it back…I should really sympathize ‘with you’ over the yarrow.


        1. Timelesslady

          Mine also have staggered bloom times. The grape/purples first, then the yellows, and then the tall pink ones that always seem to catch a thunderstorm and get beaten down to the ground.


    1. Timelesslady

      I’ve been battling yarrow sprouting from old roots now. I will be very careful in the future to keep only keep the one plant. If I have more sprout from a wildflower packet I will pull it out while it is small.


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