Plants – Coleus Week/Volunteers

It’s a hot, hot, hot day here in the Mid-Atlantic State of New Jersey. Heat-loving plants and people are doing well, those who dislike the temperature hovering near 100 degrees are not so good. If kept well-watered, coleus plants do well in July; they love high temperatures. Not only do they thrive in the heat, they also offer up volunteer sprouts in surprising nooks and crannies courtesy of last year’s seed stalks.

They are not particular about soil, many come up in between the rocks bordering the garden. It sometimes makes for crowded conditions, but it also gives me some interesting color combinations.

The plants will continue growing throughout the late fall. I have stopped pinching them, and now they will begin to bloom, sending up seed stalks for me to gather in mid-autumn. I have even dug a few up for special projects…a bit of a teaser for tomorrow’s post. Stay tuned!

11 thoughts on “Plants – Coleus Week/Volunteers

    1. Timelesslady

      I have them everywhere…as you can see…even where I didn’t plant them! I love them. Sometimes the prettiest are the ones that self-seed.


  1. So pretty! Are coleus plants annuals or perennials? They are so pretty, I’d like to plant some in our condo rock garden, but I never seem to see them at the nurseries. Maybe they wouldn’t survive our winters?


    1. Timelesslady

      I believe they are perennial, but are used and planted outdoors as annuals. I have grown some for years by bringing cuttings indoors, rooting in water, and potting them up. Just looked it up…it is a perennial. Thanks for stopping by Candice.

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