Phruit – Dragon Fruit

Today I’m taking part in the Squares Challenge/Life of B/April – Bright . I think these Dragon Fruit I recently purchased are the perfect choice for bright.

Dragon Fruit, proper name Pitaya or Pitayaha, come in two colors, a beautiful bright sunshine gold, and these amazing magenta-crimson variety. So far, after sampling both types in the past few weeks, I am a little more partial to the gold, Perhaps the red variety wasn’t quite as ripe as it should be though, so I will give it another two chances…exactly the amount of dragon fruit I still have left.

After reading the link below, I was able to conclude my Dragon Fruit was ready to eat. The fruit was bright in color and the ‘wings’ on the skin had browned a bit and started to wither.

3 Ways to Tell if a Dragon Fruit is Ripe

I took a chance when I purchased this fruit. It is very expensive. For some reason I thought they grew on trees. I was surprised to find they are a type of cactus. A piece of the stem from the cactus is visible on one end of this fruit. Would I be able to propagate it using this stem? I don’t know, perhaps I’ll give it a try. I do know I will be saving some of the seeds in an attempt to grow them into a plant. I’ll update my progress in future posts.

How to grow a Dragon fruit from fruit’s seeds.

The seeds in a Dragon Fruit are edible, much like a Kiwi. I slice the fruit in half and scoop it out with a spoon. I prefer the fruit to come to room temperature if it has been stored in the refrigerator. Delicious!

10 thoughts on “Phruit – Dragon Fruit

    1. Timelesslady

      It’s not always easy to find. This year I found the golden variety first in Lidl. It was expensive, but not the 7.00 price tag I’ve seen in the past. Maybe it will take the course of mangoes in our area and become more widely available.

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  1. Welcome to Squares, and what a fabulous set of bright squares you have started with. These fruit look amazing, and fascinating to learn more about them. Also very happy they are delicious!!

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    1. Timelesslady

      I found the golden ones the sweetest and most flavorful. I will try them all again, because just like any fruit, where they come from might also make a difference in the taste.


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