Phruit – Dragon Fruit

Today I’m taking part in the Squares Challenge/Life of B/April – Bright . I think these Dragon Fruit I recently purchased are the perfect choice for bright.

Dragon Fruit, proper name Pitaya or Pitayaha, come in two colors, a beautiful bright sunshine gold, and these amazing magenta-crimson variety. So far, after sampling both types in the past few weeks, I am a little more partial to the gold, Perhaps the red variety wasn’t quite as ripe as it should be though, so I will give it another two chances…exactly the amount of dragon fruit I still have left.

After reading the link below, I was able to conclude my Dragon Fruit was ready to eat. The fruit was bright in color and the ‘wings’ on the skin had browned a bit and started to wither.

3 Ways to Tell if a Dragon Fruit is Ripe

I took a chance when I purchased this fruit. It is very expensive. For some reason I thought they grew on trees. I was surprised to find they are a type of cactus. A piece of the stem from the cactus is visible on one end of this fruit. Would I be able to propagate it using this stem? I don’t know, perhaps I’ll give it a try. I do know I will be saving some of the seeds in an attempt to grow them into a plant. I’ll update my progress in future posts.

How to grow a Dragon fruit from fruit’s seeds.

The seeds in a Dragon Fruit are edible, much like a Kiwi. I slice the fruit in half and scoop it out with a spoon. I prefer the fruit to come to room temperature if it has been stored in the refrigerator. Delicious!