Phlowers – Amaranth/Love Lies Bleeding

Amaranthus caudatus – Love Lies Bleeding, is a beautiful annual plant. Mine self seeds and comes back every year in the same spot. It is a heavy plant, bending over in summer storms when laden with flowers.

The flower heads droop down, in a deep magenta/crimson shade. Often the strands will touch the ground.

My Love Lies Bleeding grows in full sun. When the flowers reach a good length I often cut them where they join the stem, rubber band them together, and hang them in a dark closet. Harvesting and drying them is that easy…but wait…I should have put something beneath them to capture the seeds that fall out as they dry.

I have also dried the flowers in my dehydrator.

One drawback is the inevitable chewed leaves on the plant. The lush foliage is attractive to bugs, and is also a green that can be eaten by people. The leaves can be used like spinach and sauteed. The seeds are a type of grain and can be dried, cooked, and eaten like porridge. They can be ground into flour. Amaranth is gluten free.

I love this unique, old-fashioned cottage garden annual. Love Lies Bleeding is part of Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge.

9 thoughts on “Phlowers – Amaranth/Love Lies Bleeding

    1. Timelesslady

      I don’t eat it, I mainly use it as an ornamental and save the long strands for crafts. Thanks for stopping by….my life is a bit topsy-turvy right now, but things seem to be evening out a bit. It’s good to connect with my blogging friends…it helps keep me grounded.

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    1. Timelesslady

      Thanks Cee. I love being part of the challenges. I’ve been having a hard time visiting favorite blogs and posting. Both of my parents are in failing health right now. One in rehab one in the hospital and headed to rehab. So much going on…but my garden is still blooming and full of flowers. God is good!


    1. Timelesslady

      I am so often amazed at the many uses of what I think of as ornamentals. I can try to save some seed for you if you would like. Let me know!


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