Phlowers – Tulips for a Valentine

Beautiful ovals, egg-shaped, the flowers open above the slender green stems into a gorgeous blossom with interesting centers. I like tulip flowers in all their stages. Even as they begin to dry and become papery, they have subtle beauty. Their vase life is well over a week in my cold winter house, and as a bonus, they grow taller as they age. I sure wish I was growing taller as I aged. 🤔

Valentine Tulips – Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge.

9 thoughts on “Phlowers – Tulips for a Valentine

  1. When I was stationed at Camp Pendleton during the early 70’s, we would drive past a HUUUGE field of tulips we could easily view going past on the highway away from the base. Always lovely to see. Didn’t have cell phones back in those days so it wasn’t possible to get a photo – had to use a camera. I might have taken a photo but have to look through my collection.

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    1. P.S. don’t know if they were all tulips (might not have been). But they were gorgeous. I found the photos but will have to ask my son how to upload them…he’s well versed in P.C. (bought him his first one when he was about 12 – they cost an arm and a leg back in the early 90’s). I knew this was an expense which would be beneficial for him (I didn’t own one at the time).

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      1. I go to Longwood Gardens in the Spring to see the outdoor beds of tulips and other flowering bulbs. There aren’t many other seasons of blooms that can match Spring blooms. We bought our first computer right around 2000. My sons were finishing high school and needed something more for continuing education. Of course, I ended up being the one to use the computer most.

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