Phloral Arrangements – In a Vase on Monday – Hand Held Posy

The In A Vase on Monday challenge for this week had a twist for the ninth anniversary. The host, Cathy, asked us to create a handheld posy bouquet. I wasn’t able to attend the Zoom meeting, but I’m happy I took part in the challenge. I love the bouquet the pink-hued flowers in my garden enabled me to create. I was surprised by how unblemished these blossoms were considering the cold, rain, and wind we have experienced in the last few days. The bouquet turned out pretty. My husband complimented me on the flowers as the bouquet sat on the kitchen counter for its photo shoot.

I worked in floral shops for years and created many hand-held bouquets for proms, weddings, etc. As I design handheld bouquets, I twist the gathered stems slightly in my hand each time I add a new bloom. This allows the stems to face outwards, and keeps each flower airy, surrounded by a bit of space, creating interest and dimension. I always have a chenille stem (pipe cleaner) handy and bent into a hairpin shape before I start putting the bouquet together. When every stem is in place, I twist the chenille tightly around the upper portion of the stems, an inch or two below the first flowers.

I cover the chenille with a bit of broad ribbon. A long pin in the ribbon, pushed straight down in the direction of the stems, will hold it in place. The pin will not prick the person holding the bouquet as the point is encased within a barrier of closely bunched stems.

A good tip to keep the flowers fresh until ready to use is to cut the bottom stems to all one length and let an inch or two of the stems stay in water until ready to wrap or use. The flowers I used in this handheld post are Queen Elizabeth rose, Fairy roses, cyanotis, magenta salvia, wisteria tendrils, Mandeville blooms, and ground pine gathered on a weekend walk in the woods.

21 thoughts on “Phloral Arrangements – In a Vase on Monday – Hand Held Posy

  1. Oh how sweet this is, Kathy 😊 And thanks for the tips for the posies – you didn’t tell us you were an expert! You must have been chuffed that your partner commented on the blooms too 👍 Part of the meeting has been recorded, but I need to sort out the format it is in and how to allow people to view it

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  2. Well done! That perfect ‘Queen Elizabeth’ rose makes the bouquet for me but you’ve accented it beautifully with other flowers and foliage. I’d intended to try a hand-held arrangement but the elements I collected soon got too bulky for me to manage so I resorted to sticking them directly in a vase.

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  3. Very pretty. My mum has the fairy rose and it is still in full flower today. Such a lovely delicate rose. A garden in the next village has the Queen Elizabeth roses across the front garden and they look a picture when they flower. They grow to about 7 ft here. Thanks for sharing your hand held posy. All the best, karen.

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    1. Thanks so much. We had a hard freeze overnight, not sure how many flowers and the how much of the foliage will survive to be vased. We shall see what I can come up with…hope I can find somethings outdoors to keep up with the challenge.

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