Projects – Paper Snowflakes…Again!

This is a throwback post, and also a craft that’s been around for countless years. Since the time of paper and scissors, adults and children alike have been cutting paper snowflakes for windows and gift packages.

I cut over a hundred every year for my windows. I’ve included a how-to video with this post, but I have tweaked my snowflakes over the years, and want to share a new tip or two.

The most important tip I want to share is to cut many different sized snowflakes. The snowflakes on my windows look more interesting if they are not uniform in size. I use squares of computer paper cut into a variety of sizes, four inches to eight, and everything in between. As long as you have a square and do the folding correctly, your snowflakes will be a success.

As always, the best way to store paper snowflakes is inside a book until you are ready to use them. Here is a true story and a tip too. Write down what book you place them in and where that book is kept. I lost dozens and dozens of finished snowflakes a year or two ago. I found them months later in the “safe” place I had stashed them.

To finish off the snowflakes, press them between sheets of wax paper with an old iron you reserve for crafts, or to preserve your iron and board, encase them in several layers of newspaper and press them in wax paper. When you pull the wax paper away, your snowflakes will have a protective layer of wax to keep off the condensation winter windows often form.

19 thoughts on “Projects – Paper Snowflakes…Again!

    1. I seem to be losing everything nowadays. This morning I couldn’t find my newly brewed tea. After looking upstairs and down, there it was, behind the computer screen. I had placed it on the table, opened the laptop, and forgot the teacup was behind the open screen. Oh my!

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    1. I cut in spurts in between chores in the house, then keep going, and stopping, cutting more. So far, I have somewhere in the 30’s, that about 70 more to go. I love this craft. One of my favorite things to do each year to celebrate Christmas.


  1. These are so beautiful. We used to make these at home and at primary school when I was little. Very happy memories of simple times when celebrations didn’t mean buying everything ], but making what we could. My three brothers used to cut out coloured papers and stick them together to make chains which were festooned across the ceilings. Thanks for sharing. Karen x

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