Product – Gifts for Gardeners/Amazing LED Grow Trays

Sometimes recommendations are annoying, sometimes very welcome. Last week I had a recommendation pop up in my Amazon account, growing trays with an LED light attachment. It looked too good to be true, but it was a decent price, and so intriguing, I decided, ‘Why not?’

Kennedich Plant Seed Tray Kit arrived in just a few days. I was hoping I wouldn’t be disappointed by the trays, and I wasn’t, they are AMAZING! Hard, durable plastic, with a disk LED light that fits in an indentation in the top of the dome. The dome itself is double, maybe triple, the height of most other trays on the market. The cord needs a power block to plug into, not included with the product, but since we have several of these floating around the house it was no problem.

I use a lot of fresh herbs in cooking, and even though they are readily available from my local supermarket, growing my own will be fun and save costs in the long run. Placed on top of my heating mats, these seed trays should become one of my favored seed starting methods.

A few tips – I had to open up the middle hole a bit with a pencil so that the light fixture would lay flat. Also, the cord had kinks from being wound for mailing in a box. I laid it on the table and taped it down for a few days to straighten it out. One drawback, it would have been better if the cord was longer. I will have to use an extension cord to give me more length.

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