Plant Tips – Propagating in Water Update/Rooting Roses in a Potato

I’ve rooted several cuttings in water from my outdoor garden. Most sent out roots, some didn’t. I found the Pineapple Sage was one of my best plants for rooting in water.

I rooted two types of Firecracker Plants in water. I’m not sure if the variety made a difference, but it reminded me of an old post. Plant Tips – Green Glass for Quick Rooting. The cuttings on the right were rooted in a green vase, the plants on the left in clear glass. I think I need to keep a few more green vases/bottles around the house.

Recently, three stems from a bouquet of florist roses sent out shoots. I couldn’t resist an experiment. I’ve seen YouTube videos on rooting rose cuttings in a potato. This seemed the perfect time to attempt an experiment since new growth had already begun. I went the traditional way with one stem and rooted it in soil. I sealed off the top of the stem with glue gun first to keep moisture from escaping.

I popped the second into a hole I made in the potato. Easy-Peasy.

The third was also popped into a potato, but then I placed the potato in soil. All three stems were then encased in a ziplock bag to seal in moisture. None of the stems had any sign of roots when I planted them. I’ll update in a few weeks.

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