Phloral Arrangement – IAVOM – It’s not Impossible!

My first 2023, In A Vase on Monday bouquet is muted in color by Winter’s cold temperatures. Today, here in southern New Jersey, the weather is mild, though grey-tinged, but we had quite a preview of frigid temperatures in December. The greens, pods and berries I chose for the tall vase are the only choices to be had in my yard. My participation in this interesting challenge will probably be limited until Spring, but I will keep my eyes open when I’m outdoors, and perhaps inspiration will strike.

To be honest, I prefer the appearance of the stems tossed across the floor, pre-arrangement. They resemble the cascade of a Bride’s bouquet. I would have thought making a bouquet impossible at this time of year, but a walk-about in my yard yielded a few interesting pieces: dried hydrangea & sedum blooms, pods of Echinacea, velvety Wisteria, and Rose of Sharon. Barberry berries (ouch, very thorny), hoya & myrtle leaves, and ivy vines.

7 thoughts on “Phloral Arrangement – IAVOM – It’s not Impossible!

  1. This is just what I have tried to encourage with IAVOM, as there is often far more available to pick in winter than we might think – such an interesting selection. Thanks so much for joining us and Happy New Year

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  2. The dried Hydrangea flowers have a lovely peachy tone in the light provided by the window. I often have a hard time seeing what’s available in my garden (in an admittedly more benign climate than yours) but I find that, if I make a couple of rounds through the garden, I find more than I expected.

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