Past & Phavorites – Throwback & Nurturing Thursday/The Waltons

I’ve already been playing Christmas music and loving every minute of it. One of my very favorite CD’s is ‘A Walton’s Christmas – Together Again.’ This CD was given to me by my sister many years ago. Not only is it a perfect choice for Nurturing Thursday, the  music and show are also an excellent selection for Throwback Thursday. It’s easy to see how well-loved and played the CD has been over the years by the battered state of the case. If like me, you are immediately uplifted by the opening chords of this song, enjoy listening to the Youtube video below. If you have never seen ‘The Waltons,’ try and find these reruns on your cable channels for enjoyable Christmas nostalgia.

Past – Helge Artelius


This heirloom fold-out Nativity scene once belonged to my grandmother. A beautiful work of art, the scene is filled with wonderful details. Turned around, the reverse of the painting can be found on the opposite side. Amazing!


The Nativity was painted by Swedish artist, Helge Artelius (1895-1989).


I found many examples of Artelius’s work on the web, but there were few details about his life. If anyone can fill in the blanks about this artist please leave a comment. Thanks!

Postscript: When I wrote this post I thought the artist was a woman. If you read the comments below under the name of Anna Borsey you will discover amazing information about this artist.

Prompt & Past – Throwback Thursday/LC Smith Corona Typewriter

The WordPress Daily Post Prompt, ‘Shelf,’ was a perfect fit today for Throwback Thursday.

typewriter 1

Probably few remember this early edition of the LC Smith & Corona Typewriter. Planning out this post brought back many reminders of my years of typing. What I miss is the sound of the old manual typewriters. I had forgotten that they ‘ding’ when you begin to reach the outer margins, a warning that you must begin a new sentence or hyphenate a word. For those of you who have never used a manual typewriter, the previous sentence probably sounds like a bit of gobbledy-gook. In that case, who best to demonstrate an old manual typewriter than the inimitable Jerry Lewis.

This typewriter was part of the family hardware store business for decades. Many a store invoice was typed out with its keys. When I researched the model the date it seemed to match best was 1927. The typewriter sat in our basement for years. Recently, while cleaning off shelves I came upon it and decided it was too unique to languish for more years in the dark and brought it upstairs. It can still type out letters and words, with a little help in moving the carriage, and I was able to type out a holiday greeting on parchment.

typewriter 2

typewriter 3

typewriter 4

Project – Charcoal Sticks


When straight wind storms blew through this year, they brought down hundreds of small sticks from the trees surrounding our yard. We collected these and used them in a campfire. Forgotten, the remains lay in the fire pit and weathered for a few weeks. Oh my! Imagine my surprise when perfect sticks of charcoal for artwork caught my eye.


A quick autograph of my initials on the surrounding fire pit bricks assured me they were art-worthy.


I collected a good amount and brought them into the house.


Although I haven’t created art with charcoal in years, I’m eager to give the homemade sticks a try. There might be a bit of frustration involved since the thinner sticks break easily, but hey, it’s an endeavor that won’t cost me more than a sheet of paper.

A good example of charcoal art can be viewed in the following video:

Past & Phuture – Retrospective 2014 & A Good Blog

I love to read the blogs of others. Clicking the “like” box and posting comments is one of my weekly, if not daily, JOYS! I recently read a post on the Priorhouse Blog and viewed the terrific “Year in Review” slideshow: Priorhouse’s Year in Review. I was inspired by the creativity, and the idea, and commented on the post that I was going to try and follow the lead and also create a year in review video.

If your curiosity is piqued by the photographs you can find corresponding posts in the monthly archives located in the bottom right sidebar.

Thanks so much…Onward 2015!