Project – Charcoal Sticks


When straight wind storms blew through this year, they brought down hundreds of small sticks from the trees surrounding our yard. We collected these and used them in a campfire. Forgotten, the remains lay in the fire pit and weathered for a few weeks. Oh my! Imagine my surprise when perfect sticks of charcoal for artwork caught my eye.


A quick autograph of my initials on the surrounding fire pit bricks assured me they were art-worthy.


I collected a good amount and brought them into the house.


Although I haven’t created art with charcoal in years, I’m eager to give the homemade sticks a try. There might be a bit of frustration involved since the thinner sticks break easily, but hey, it’s an endeavor that won’t cost me more than a sheet of paper.

A good example of charcoal art can be viewed in the following video:

Phairy – Enchanted/Fairy House 2015


We had a family picnic to celebrate our mother’s May birthdays on Memorial Day. The young cousins were thrilled to see each other and created a new fairy house together.


Each year the fairy house is built with natural items I’ve collected throughout the year, and also with what the grandkids and cousins can find in the yard. I love to see what they come up with…crabapples for food, a clam shell water dish, feathers for decorating.


You don’t have to be a child to build a fairy house. On your next walk through a park or woods, leave a little something behind for a “fairy” to find. Create a chair, a little bed, a dish of fairy food; it only will take a moment of your time. You never know who might need a little “enchantment” to smile over.

Phaery Lore – Fairy House 2014


Last year my grandson created a fairy house out of natural and interesting items I had collected. This year we pulled out cartons of new treasures and he and his little brother created another house and a “school” for this year’s fairies. My grandson told me, “Nanny, try to find more interesting things.” I will do that…when I walk or ride my bike I will make sure I have a bag and bring home sticks and stones and pieces of moss for the fairy house building.


The boys have decided they are going to make a whole town. Oh my! They are so like me…one is never enough!


Phairy Lore – Philadelphia Flower Show

flower show and grandboys 022

Springtime is Flower Show time here in the Philadelphia area. Quite often the crowds are almost impenetrable around some of the larger exhibits.  This past year I found this sweet smaller garden complete with whimsical fairies, and not much of a crush of people surrounding it.

I find that most of my photographs don’t turn out well inside the Philadelphia Convention Center. My usually dependable Canon camera can’t seem to adjust to the high overhead lights. I don’t know what the solution is, but every year I am a bit dismayed by the dim lighting for this event.

flower show and grandboys 027