Past – Helge Artelius


This heirloom fold-out Nativity scene once belonged to my grandmother. A beautiful work of art, the scene is filled with wonderful details. Turned around, the reverse of the painting can be found on the opposite side. Amazing!


The Nativity was painted by Swedish artist, Helge Artelius (1895-1989).


I found many examples of Artelius’s work on the web, but there were few details about her life. If anyone can fill in the blanks about this artist please leave a comment. Thanks!

8 thoughts on “Past – Helge Artelius

            1. Susie, I think of my grandparents daily. They were such a positive influence of Christian witness and love in my life. I hope someday my grandchildren will feel that way about me.


    1. The illustrations are very familiar to me. I must have seen them in the books also. I hadn’t thought of them for years also. I wish that I could find out more about her life. There is very little on the web. Thanks for the comment.


Thanks so much for your comments. They fill my life with sunshine.

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