Phun – Creation Box


My grandsons love making unique projects using items that I have recycled into the “creation box.” The amazing robot my older grandson put together is made out of a tomato sauce can, a juice bottle, toilet paper rolls, yogurt drink bottles, miscellaneous art supplies and quite a bit of Duck (duct) tape. What Phun!

Here’s a glimpse into our creation box. Wouldn’t your children or grandchildren love a creation box of their own? Happy creating. ūüôā



Prose – House of Cash – Johnny Cash Biography

I’m enjoying this biography of Johnny Cash written by his son, John Carter Cash. Inside are memories and insights into the life of one of my all-time favorite singers and a true Man of God. I am entranced by the reproductions of Johnny’s actual notes on life¬†and valentines to his wife June Carter Cash.

A perfect video for a Sunday, Johnny Cash singing, “Sunday Morning Coming Down.”

Planting – Coleus Part II

The coleus seed plantings are emerging. At this point I am very glad I took the time to space them out rather than mass sowing. If one seedling develops any sign of damp-off or unexplained wilting¬†I will be able to remove it¬†before it contaminates its sister sprouts. The coleus¬†seeds will continue to sprout for a few more weeks, maybe even another month. They now begin what I call “The Pouting Period.” The new plantlets¬†seem to stand still. There is little growth and they usually take a few weeks to begin to leaf out. I am going to try and hasten the leafing out this year by applying bottom heat, but that is a whole other post.

Close-up view of a newly emerged sprout still holding onto it’s¬†parent seed. The coleus plants below are two of last year’s crop. I really liked these coleus and actually named them and kept them going through the winter months by rooting cuttings taken in the Autumn. Some of the newly sprouted coleus could be their offspring.

Lemon-Lime Swizzle Stick

  Pink Lemonade with a Twist

Peculiarities and Plants – Romaine Lettuce

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Romaine Lettuce¬†is a favorite of mine in salads. I’ve also read it makes an Incredible and Delicious Smoothie.

The best and most amazing thing about lettuce, besides eating the tender green leaves, is the amazing fact that if the bottom of the stump is saved and placed in water, regeneration and new growth will occur. Above is a photograph of three romaine ‘stumps’ in various levels of regrowth. All I did to achieve this miracle was place each piece in a half inch of water, check the water level daily, and marvel as the stump began to grow anew.

I am growing the romaine in a basement window well, and that explains the VERY dirty window in the photo as it is below ground level. The setting for the lettuce doesn’t look nice, but it creates the perfect environment for regrowing leafy greens…cool and bright all day. Experiment yourself with this method the next time you have a head of lettuce with the stem still intact. You have nothing to lose and a free harvest of lettuce to grow.

Important Tip: Romaine Lettuce is one type of produce easy to find in the organic form. Often packaged as three hearts of romaine, spend just a dollar or two more, and you have salad free from any unnecessary pesticides.