Photo Challenge – Weather Vanes February 20

At times I find the most ornate weather vanes on unexpected buildings…such as this beauty on top of the Harrison House Diner in Mullica Hill, New Jersey. The diner, at the intersection of Routes 45 and 322, is only a stone’s throw away from the local Amish Market. The market is another amazing place to find food of all kinds. Have you ever had a homemade Raspberry Cream Donut? Oh my!

Thanks to these bloggers for taking part in last week’s photo challenge.

Exploring Colour – Presbyterian Wind Vane

The 59 Club – US Route 321

The Photo Challenge: Each Wednesday, I post a photograph of a Weather Vane with a short description of where it can be found and any history connected to it. The main focus of the challenge is the photo of the Weather Vane and the location. The challenge can be Wordless if that is what you choose. If you would like others to see your post leave a link to your blog in the comment box. You can also tag the post #weathervaneweds. If you place a link to my post in your post you will create a pingback that will appear in the comment section. The challenge is open all week for comments and posts. Thanks so much for taking part in my challenge.

Many thanks to Cee, of Cee’s Photography, for including this challenge in her listing of WordPress Challenges. If you love challenges take a look at this page and while you are there check out some of Cee’s terrific posts. Thanks Cee!

Pots & Pans – Amish Piggies in a Blanket


Once in a while I stumble upon a meal that is so yummy in appearance, I have to disengage my “Eating Healthy” rule and give into the joy of bacon or other unhealthy food. This week the food that enticed me was “Piggies in a Blanket,” purchased at the local Amish Market.

The sweet Amish lady at the counter told me to bake the piggies at 375 degrees for one hour. I did so, and my husband and I were really pleased with the taste. Even better, they were very inexpensive. I bought the piggies in a blanket premade, but they would be easy to put together. The inner layer is loose sausage shaped into a half sausage shape. The next layer is stuffing, packed tightly around the sausage and held in place with tightly wrapped bacon. I baked the piggies uncovered for an hour. They bacon got a little dark, and dried out a tad, so next time I will cover the pan for about a half hour, and uncover for the final half hour. The bacon keeps the inside moist. Delicious!