Phriday Pheathers – Over-wintering

White Egret in Salt Marsh – Fortescue, New Jersey

I read a post today written by Be Creative Mary that spoke of the salty smell of East Coast seashores. My state’s coast, including the Delaware Bay, also has a distinctive fragrance of salt marsh. Even though we are in the throes of cold wintry weather, the first day of the year was filled with amazing birds over-wintering in the salt marshes of the Bay near Fortescue.

The swans were busy grooming, but one lifted its head long enough for me to capture their graceful beauty.

The sparrows, sheltering in bushes near the beach houses, were a cheerful sight to begin the year of 2019. The scrubby brush provided wintry hospitality for the small birds. I felt a sense of gratitude to see and hear the sweet chirping of this small flock.

I am hoping, that although most of the birds seem to be common house sparrows, perhaps there are a few that are a member of the endangered Salt Marsh Sparrow and the species will experience a recovery of numbers in the coming years.

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People – Mary Ercoli Walsh


“For over 20 years Mary Ercoli Walsh has been experimenting with color. Through quilting, mosaics, furniture rehabs, home decorating, jewelry design, polymer clay designs, photography, pottery, graphic design and fine arts she constantly looks to color, pattern and design for inspiration. Be Creative Mary 365 is a challenge and celebration of creativity.
For 365 days Mary will embark on the challenge of a lifetime. She will produce one creative work every day for one complete year.”

mary e walsh art show 2

I love Mary’s art, and I love checking out her blog. The colors are brilliant, the art sensational, and the themes bring me instant happiness. I think you will agree! Take a look at Mary’s blog and the post about her recent art show.

Be Creative Mary Blog

Creative Mary Art Show

I’m not sure how I was lucky enough to find Mary’s blog and art, but it could be our mutual love of Block Island, Rhode Island. Whatever the case, I’m glad I did. She is an inspiration to those of us who love to create.


mary e walsh art show 1

A big thank you to Mary for permission to use photographs of her stunning artwork on this blog. All artwork and blog excerpts in this post are the exclusive property of Mary Ercoli Walsh.